It can be very difficult for convicted felons to find employment after they are released from jail or prison. It is not impossible! The below free guide will help you in your search for a job. This same guide is sold on Amazon for $6.95 but the digital version is available here for FREE! Download now.

This free guide explains what jobs a felon can and cannot have plus it lists resources that will help you find a job, explains background checks, how to deal with a conviction during an interview and much more.

#1 Download this book now for Free and find that desparately needed job for a felon.

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#2 Download this book now for Free. It contains even more information on federal programs for ex-offenders, how to prepare for release, obtaining a driver's license, training programs and more.

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Felons can often find working from home as a freelancer is the perfect career or use it to make additional income. Find out more at

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